I want to get to know my co-worker more

This girl just started working at my job. she smiles at me when I see her and I'm starting to want to get to know her more but she works a bit away and is always busy. I wanna talk to her more and I wanna know how to strike a convo up so I can eventually get her number. She smiles and stuff but its not enough to know for sure if she would consider me dating material but is the smiling a good thing and how do I get to know her better?


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  • I smile at EVERYONE I work with. I work in a service industry, so I feel like I have to always appear friendly to everyone. To my co-workers, to the customers, to the managers. Doesn't mean I'm not genuine, just saying smiling doesn't really mean a whole lot. If she finds you attractive she'll do more looking than smiling.

    Just talk with her. Start by talking about work. Then ask some questions about her. What things does she like. What is she into. Get to know her on a friend basis first. Eventually you can ask if she and maybe a couple other co-workers want to hang out after work. The group will make her feel more comfortable and willing to go. If the two of you get along you could then ask her for her number or email. Just someway you guys can communicate outside of work. Take it slow and see how things go.

    But remember. Don't be too pushy and don't try too hard. You don't want to annoy her. Just be casual.

    • Cool cool

      Now see a smile is somethin so many guys take as flirting and we don't consider this too too much now what about uncontrolable smiling? Like she won't be smiling but as soon as you say something she will have a big smile and start talking to you?

    • Hm, see how she is with other people. If she's always smiling with her friends and with other co-workers, chances are she's just a really friendly person. Not a bad thing, but I'd rule out smiling as flirting with her. If she doesn't smile too often, but when she talks with you she's all smiles then it could mean she likes you (BUT it could only be in friendly terms right now, so be careful).

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  • Talk to her. Eventually set up a light, brief date--a lunch or after-work thing--and play it by ear.