What to do when first date wasn't good? How to get another chance?

My date today didn't go as well as I expected :(

We hanged out for an hour and separated our ways after. I am really disappointed in myself and wish I could get another chance.

Right after the date I texted her saying that it was great seeing her and she replied "it was fun". I think she just tried to be nice.

What should I text/say to get another chance?


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  • I agree with bittersweet17.

    • If that girl was you would you consider giving me another chance? (I mostly asked questions and tried to get her talking but succeeded only at times. I think I jumped from a topic to topic to fast because I was nervous)

    • Yes...I would consider it. But you need to control your nerves before you talk to her again. That can be a major turn off. If you find that you cannot stop the word vomit, then get off of the phone. It will make you come across as desperate and inexperienced if you don't. I don't mean to sound rude, just trying to help. Women love men with confidence. So have confidence that you deserve her time and attention!

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  • Ask her out again :P don't be so hard on yourself. Plan an actual activity/sport that would take up a decent amount of time and then go for something relaxing after. :) Even treat her to a massage ;) (I was thinking professional but you can give it a go if you think she's comfortable with it).

    For a better idea of what she'd like to do, ask her if she enjoys or would like to try _______ and then say you'd love it if she went with you.

    • How long should I wait before asking her out again? This time I wanna do a golf activity.

      I planned a walk but it was too cold outside and wasn't that great. Meanwhile, should I call or text her again or wait?

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    • Thanks bittersweet17 I feel a little better now. I'll wait a few days and I'll call her. I hope she is still interested and that I'll find a topic to talk about :) I don't have her fb. I only got her number. It sounds that gold+dinner is fun. I just need to get a driving license asap lol

    • Make sure you get her some water ay, it's going to be hot in that sun and the course is long... longer if she hasn't played golf before haha. I hope it goes well for you.

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  • I am struck in the same situation as you now. I even wrote down a list of things to improved after the date because I think I screw it up. But my girl still seems interested in me after the date. So what I am planning to do is to ask her out again, do some thing which takes a longer time so it will not end abruptly. I waited more than one weeks to ask her (but this is because we were having exam).

    • Thanks mate. I screwed up too. You know when you screw one little thing everything else falls apart. It just throws you off guard I guess I need a plan B next time. How did it go for you and the girl 2nd time?

    • Ya this is so true! After I screw up during the date, everything else seems to screw up and I just wish the date will end as quick as possible. even the next meet up seems bad. Well I have not asked her out for a second date, just some casual meet up because she is busy with exams. Hope your second date will go well.

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