Does his slip ups give away what he's really thinking?

This sounds a little silly.

I'm seeing someone, and we agreed for the time being to keep it quiet, just for our benefit, get to know each other etc.

If I have a serious conversation with him about it he's like "you're not my girlfriend" but then if we're randomly talking he says different. Eg. "I don't want to tell my parents yet we're dating" and then if I pick him up on it, he normally backtracks.

So, all these little casual "we're dating" "people have got to respect my girlfriend" kind of comments, are they how he really sees us?

(For the record, I don't mind, I just was curious)

Well, I'm working with him on a festival for his company this weekend and he said to me: "would you mind if I introduce you to my friends as my girlfriend?"

I'm thinking this is his shy way of asking us to start considering be official?

I also re-met his dad.. he knows how scared I am of his parents but I think he wants me to get used to being round his dad, I think he planned me and his parents "bumping" into each other.


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  • Possibly, it sounds like he probably wants to be able to see you that way but maybe he is afraid of scaring you off? Definitely think there is something to be learned from the 'slips' as you call them. If you like it then maybe it is time for you to be more open about your relationship, if you don't maybe you should let him know that as well.

    • I don't think he's scared of that, he knows how much I love him. I think he's scared of things going wrong (again, we're ex's). I just wondered whether through all the slips he still sees me like that, and maybe feels like it's too soon or something?

    • Its possible, but the only way to truly know for sure is to make him comfortable with being open about it. Perhaps you should tell him that you now feel fine letting people know that you are together and see how he reacts.

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