Does he mean something by these words?

A guy friend of mine and I were texting when he mentioned that I'm looking pretty good in a dress (I'm losing weight and posted a pic on instagram.) I thanked him and said he's not so bad either. He then replied that I caught him at his worst (I've only known him for a few months) and that by the end of the summer he'll be back to his usual hotness.

I never thought he looked bad, in fact I thought he looks really cute. I didn't say that but I did say that his best must be something then!

So I was wondering, is he trying to show off for me? Can this indicate interest?


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  • He's not trying to show off. It really sounds like he is just paying you a compliment and taking your nice comment in a nice, light hearted way. Just friendly banter. But if he keeps complimenting you and giving you hints, then it's good news for you :)


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