What is the best way to confront someone you think is cheating/lying?

So my boyfriend has a job that requires him to travel 75% of the time. One night I was over his house and he pulled condoms out of his travel bag. I got angry and he said "no no! these are from before I met you." I'm not sure I believe him because the expiration date on the condoms is 2013, so I think they are fairly new.

I've also come across several conversations from a year ago where girls try to date him and talk to me and his response is that he is simply not looking for a girlfriend or anything serious and that he is "an a**hole" and there is "no way to get around it." I then stumbled upon one that said he wants to try to have a real relationship again...and now here I am.

I have trouble believing that people will change, so I'm constantly skeptical of him and why he's dating me.

We also just recently went on a weekend trip for his friend's birthday. He told me way back in the beginning of the relationship that they were just really good friends. This girl has a boyfriend of 6 months, and he has me. I found out after we got home from the trip that he would date her seriously if "she weren't so chubby" and that they had hooked up for 2 years or so. Clearly he lied.

What should I do about this?


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  • Break up with him unless you want to continue to tolerate his cheating. Stand up for yourself and put him in his place.

    If he is just dragging out lies (without realizing it) then he needs to be confronted on his dishonesty. Someone who is remorsal about cheating won't lie about it, they will admit they are wrong and try to resolve it (this is the 1st step of wanting to be/do better). He isn't doing this and wants to continue to hide.

  • Drop him.

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