Should I be worried? He isn't answering?

i met joey last Sunday. At first I thought it was going to be a one night stand but we ended up talking more and he says to me first that he really likes me and wants to see where this goes...i saw him Thursday night and I am supposed to see him Friday night and Friday he didn't text not til Saturday night and I was worried turned out he was sick.. I like him a lot and and...ugh I hope I didn't scare him away. last time we texted was Sunday he was telling me I was beautiful he said all this first. for the first time a guy tells me he hopes to date me I am the one that usually says and does things first but he told me first that he liked me and says how amazing I am but he hasn't texted at all today or yesterday or the day before am I being paranoid

  • Yes you are being paranoid, he will text you soon.
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  • No he is ignoring you
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  • I think that you should wait, if he told you he wants to date you, he might be serious,


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  • Well it could be too soon to start worrying, he could be busy. Though, I think you made a mistake already having sex.

    • i wasn't planning on the feelings I really thought it would be a one night stand he isn't the usual kind of guy I go for

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    • Hope things work out.

    • i hope so too

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  • I agree with TheGodEmperorLeto! Sex can mess things up bad! It's better to get to know someone.. :)