Guys and girls with relationship experience or have played cupid?

Hi, I am going to be honest about this. I have ever been in a relationship and I don't speak body language and those languages people who like each other use, I have tons of girls that are friends and I am half a shy, why? Because I don't know how to initiate a conversation with a girl I like. The situation is this, I like a girl who has a friend who is really hot but didn't notice until couple weeks ago, I have been talking with the girl I like for a while but I think she is more of a friend than anything else. Her friend which is really hot apparently likes me, I don't have any idea why I think this, we are working on an assignment together and the hot girl ask me for help in her work , somehow she found my email and well ask for the help, the work was due the next day and I corrected her part and she did not respond the email, I decided to ask the girl I like for her hot friend number, the girl I like gave it to me with this emoticon ;) I really don't pay attention to that only sometimes including this one, before that emoticon she send me another one :) saying that she will look for her phone number. So I text her hot friend and explain how I got the number. anyway the next day almost at the end of the class I heard the girl I like and another her other friend saying "She is interested on him" and the hot friend was next to me I don't know what they meant but for some reason I think they we talking about the hot friend and me, as I said at the beginning I don't understand anything about that but I'm not that dumb either, or am I? so any help would be appreciated.


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  • The hot friend of the girl you like is interested in you. Build up some courage and ask the girl out for coffee or something. It never hurts to see if you may end up liking her or not. And be a up some can't forever be shy and look on cause they won't wait forever! And from what you said, the girl you like probably doesn't feel the same way about you.