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OK girls, I really like the girl I've been dating the last six months. We are both out of school and I told her I would consider moving closer to her (1 hour and a half apart now). At this point she tells me she would really like to take things slow. She knows I was not trying to move in with her though... She said since her last relationship ended she is more guarded about getting serious... When I asked her if she saw a future between us she said she could still see this but couldn't make a guarantee on it? My question is do I move on and if not what are some tips to help with our situation? We only see each other on weekends and do talk every day.. thanks!


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  • She seems like a person who likes her space. Seeing a person twice a week is not really enough time to get to know them. Give her the space she requires and see how things go within the next month. If you have no improvement - her wanting to be with you more often, then may want to move on.


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