I got really hurt honestly, am I over reacting here? it's really short.

Me and my boyfriend are both very sick .. and he is having an exam tomorrow while mine is after 2 days .. anyway all he seems to care is that he is the one who is sick.. I went to the doc. today and I sent him a message when I came back (that's what we are used to do ) and I told him that the doc told me is a bigger issue than I thought and bla bla . and he didn't even bother to reply .. so I called him 8 hours later to check if he is fine , and he was still stick but studying .. I got really hurt honestly .. I mean I understand your sick and all , but does that mean that we are gonna ignore each other , wtf :S I'm sorry I don't wanna take it out on him .. so I came here instead :s


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  • We're all on edge and grumpy when we get sick and the stress of exams is bad too. Sure, he should have called back, but ask him about it. Who knows, maybe he wasn't ignoring you on purpose. If he was, then you could understand under the conditions although he should have called you back for sure.

    • Yea you are right .. but I'm just so angry right now .. I just wanna say swear words :(

    • Gotta remember also that guys are generally less concerned about doctor visits. Can bite them in the butt later if they happen to get cancer and put off the visit or something serious like that. It's easy to push everything to the side in the sight of exams though. It's going to be alright

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  • If it feels like you are moping/ complaining about being sick it may annoy him. Men don't often complain about their health.. Just ignore it. An ex of mine sent me to work when I had strep throat. Saying that I was being a baby. I worked DIRECT customer service so NO ONE could here anything I was saying. Manager eventually sent me home after getting annoyed at the fact that I couldn't talk.

    • But I'm not complaining to him at all .. I keep it all inside and it hurts you know .. he is the only who complains , when I called him he started talking about how sick he is and how sick he was the whole day for 15 minutes .. he didn't even bother to ask about the doctor or even apologize for not being able to respond to my message or be there for me ,.. :S

    • Eh... You are legit for being upset then. I didn't know he was complaining.