Girl keeps wanting me to hang out with her friends?

I am interested in dating this girl and I have made that pretty clear. But she keeps trying to get me to hang out with her friends always asking me to come to the coffee shop where she chills and apparently all these people hang out. I think every time I don't come she gets upset.

How do I let her know I am not interested in her friends without putting her off?


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  • A relationship isn't going to work out very well if you can't hang out with each others' friends. That kind of integration is necessary for something to last long-term. If she doesn't think you like her friends or have any interest in getting to know them, she may lose interest in dating you altogether. When you date someone you want them to be part of your whole world, not just a small piece when you're alone together. Plus trust me, if her friends like you, things will go a lot smoother. If they don't know you, they're going to be much more resentful of losing her to you and will push her to dump you when problems arise.

    • See, the thing is most of these friends are really just randoms we knew from high school. They all hang out at the same coffee shop because they all live in the area and they hang out like acquaintances. I know these people too but I don't hang out with them because we have absolutely nothing in common. And she knows I know them.

      But to me it feels like she is trying to fit a jigsaw puzzle piece into a spot that won't fit.

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