What should I do if he texts me in the summer?

This guy purposely led me on. He hurt me a lot. I decided I needed to distance myself from him. So, I don't hang out with him anymore, I never offer to do anything for him, and I take forever to answer his texts. I'm friendly when I talk to him because we still have class together all the time.

I hadn't seen him in 2 weeks and we had class together again. After class he said it'd been so long since we'd been able to talk he wanted us to sit after class and catch up a. So, we ended up talking for a good 30 minutes.

Today I got to thinking about what's going to happen after schools out. My plan has been to completely cut him out of my life and other people have said that's what's best for me, considering what he did. But, what if he texts me and wants to hang out? Do I ignore his texts? Do I just always say I'm busy?


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  • stop worrying about it. the summer is a long period of time, you shouldn't get wrinkles from worrying about a text for so long. Do what's right.

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