What are the most important standards to select the girlfriend that you will love?

Hay every buddy..

actually I feel confused at the last time..cause I don't know what the standards I should think about it to choose my girlfriend and love her..because you know the love is to hard and I can't to give it to the wrong person..

So where I should to focus?on the love?or on the beauty?or the personalty?or what?


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  • When it comes to love, you can't measure based on a checklist. If you feel she's the right one, you'll see that her imperfections are still perfect to you. Of because this feeling is mutual.

    Beauty will fade in time, she might be beautiful when you met her, but does it mean you have to keep looking for a new love every 10 yrs?

    Personality is quite important as this will be something you have to live with the rest of your life if you plan to marry her.

    • Thank you Eva...you describe the situation with a perfect way...

    • Your welcome.. Hope you can find your girlfriend soon ^^

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  • Someone that makes you look and think twice. Love is not sometihng you can plan, but when you do find the right girl you'll know because it'll "wake" up another part of you you didn't know existed but it'll be a better part of you. You will just feel different and you may not be able to explain it or understand it :)

    • That's right..thanks

    • its true... trust me I read everything about love and all the advice but then when it actually happens you just go "oh sh*t" since you are not in control.

  • You should focus on the person in the whole person, don't just "focus" on one thing. You can't "choose" to love somebody.

    - Looks can make you interested, but it's the personality that makes you stay -


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  • virginity, without that I will never love her in the way a human being wants to be loved and I won't love her the way I want to love a female. not saying this is the only thing I look for but it is a requirement

    • I agree with you man I think that plays a big part in choosing the right girl. Since most nowadays, are just sleeping around and that just creates trust issues.

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    • I agree with you but in our society It's so rare to find a virgin girl..that's the problem

    • well then ill just have girls who I f*** then, I have a girlfriend and she's a virgin so hopefully it works out but if it doesn't I'm perfectly fine with being single, ill just f*** girls and I see no problem with that seeing I'm not making them do anything they already were not doing

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