Why is this girl so flaky?

So I work with this girl,she keeps talking to me like she's into me,(always asking me to hangout,gives me her new number every time she gets a new one (or when I delete it from my phone)btw I never asked for her number. But when I go to hangout with her sometimes (not all the time )shell blow me off,(shell text my head off before were supposed to hangout but around the time we are supposed to hang out she won't answer my text )(I only text once if she doesn't respond oh well)she has done it a couple times and I've been cool with it (my world doesn't revolve around her)but this time it kind of made me lose interest so I stop talking to her,now she's acting like we went though a break up ,she's all pissed and moody at me ,why is she acting this way


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  • I'm guessing that she liked the attention and knowing that she could drag you along as a back up unless something cooler came along. She just mad you won't anymore because she is selfish


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  • This girl is jsut messing around, if she actually liked you she would hang out with you in a flash because she doesn't want to lose out, I agree with the below comments, she just likes the attention and that's it.

    • she has hungout with me and more then once its just somtimes she will blow me off and the last time she did it I was done (I have other girls that want to hangout with me,not to brag but I'm a catch)

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