How often do you contact a girl if you like her? Text? Call?

So my experience with my ex boyfriend or guys that really like me they text me every day and at least would call me every night or almost, that's how its supposed to be right? or am I wrong?

Cause there is this guy that I have been seeing for a couple months were are not officially dating but you are sexually active, We started off just as kicks and then having sex but we have gotten a lot closer since, we both have feelings each other,

But what bothers me is that he doesn't text me as much or call me :/ I feel like he doesn't really care about me how I think he did, maybe me thinking that we have gotten closer and possibly develop into a relationship is nonsense

I mean when we started seeing each other I was aware that he was a little man whore but I don't know I thought he was changing, I feel that the days he don't call me he's calling his other girls :/ Maybe I should start detaching myself from him...


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  • Did he start calling and texting less AFTER you had sex?

    He's a "little manwhore", usually a girl can't change him, and they have to change on their own.

    Listen to your instincs, you'll know if he's calling other girls, instead of you.

    Since you are asking this question, you already might be on the right track that he's either lost interest, or you gave it up too soon, and he left, and maybe you SHOULD start deattaching yourself now, so you don't get hurt worse in the long run.

    Don't text or call him first, or anything, let him do that.

    • She said "as much", not "as much as he used to." I think it's safe to assume she meant as much as she does.

      And guys who sleep around can change when they meet the right girl.

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    • yea its just that he is very attractive and fun! that's why I liked him and I thought I was gonna be able to just use him for fun and not eventually fall for him! if I try to get away from him I nknow he's going to ask me why and tell me not to go because I've tried it before when I noticed that I was starting to like him a little too much so I did stay, But if I try to get away from him again I don't know if ishould tell him that I am getting attached to him?

    • Sometimes, with Friends with Benifits relationships, one of the people involved start to grow attatched, or have feelings for the other, and then want something deeper, and the other doesn't feel the same. I would say it's a risk to tell him you're starting to grow feelings for him, but it's totally up to you, if you want to tell him or not. Next time, you get into a friends with benefits relationship, make an agreement, that you guys break it off, if one of you grow attatched or catch feelings.

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  • The truth is that guys in general don't really have the need to communicate as often as girls do. When we contact guys, it's usually when we have a problem we need to fix or when we want to hang out, things like that.

    Most of us don't really call just to talk, to see how things are going.

    Don't be too mad at him, it's just one of those things both genders have to learn from each other.

    The best thing to do is clearly communicate your wishes to him. Subtle hints don't work on 98% of guys. Don't sound to accusatory or negative when you bring it up. Just say you want him to call and text you more, because you love hearing from him.

    • so when you really like a girl you don't text her every day when you thinking about her?

    • That's what I used to do, I changed that when I learned how much girls want to communicate.

    • a guy should text or call a girl because he wants to, because he's thinking about her or wondering what she's up to or how her day is going, I don't want him to call me o text me because I'm telling him to

  • err day

    • right! so oviously this guy doesn't like me as much because he don't care what I'm doing so he doesn't feel the need to text me or call me

    • why don't you just get drunk and get a boyfriend, make him pay for you too :)

    • I have guys paying for everything they don't need to be my boyfriend lol

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