Should I be worried about his interest in older women?

Looking for something (of my own) on the internet history several links to adult sites popped up such as 'mature mom does...' and all relating to 'mom' stuff. I knew he looked at adult sites but the subject matter of these ones has freaked me out a bit to be honest. Especially as he is a teacher at a primary school so I'm wondering what his thoughts are about the mums there! There is an age difference (me 31, him 27) but not enough in my eyes to give him an excuse that he likes them because of me plus I'm not a mum. Please help as I am crazy about him but I'm scared this has changed the way I feel and I feel like he's not the guy I fell for. I asked him and he admitted he likes looking at older women on sites like that but I'm not sure if that was a good thing he was so casual about it or if that freaked me out more that he didn't think it was odd?! Help Help Help!


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  • You're making too big a deal about this. Mature women are actually a very common fantasy for guys.

    Remind yourself of the fact that he chose to be with you. Not someone else, older than you. He chose you.

    • thank you. I realize I probably shouldn't worry it just felt odd finding out something I didn't know when I thought I knew him so well.

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  • There are still people who don't know how to clear their browser history in this day and age? He probably wanted to be "caught", which means he'd like you to be involved in his fantasy life. If he can satisfy his fetish at home he'll be less likely to check out the MILF's that come for parent-teacher night.

  • Porn never has acceptable names.

    It's always like "Giant **** destroys innocent virgin daughter" (people that watch this are not by definition sadistic pedophiles), hardly ever "decent young man makes love to pretty girl".

  • You guys shouldn't be together.

    You're a judgmental prude, who thinks the type of p*rn a guy watches has any bearing on his feelings for you. (Which is crazy)

    You'd be better off finding a guy who only looked at p*rn you agree with. Or more likely, no p*rn at all. I'm sure that's what you'd secretly really hope for.

    He should be with someone who isn't so quick to freak out.


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  • Guys will have their fantasies, has long has he isn't acting out on it that is what should matter.

    You are a little older than him (but it seems as if he likes women way older than you.)

    Why not try making his fantasies reality?

    Instead of getting upset over it, try doing roleplay and stepping outside of your character sometimes. Dress up has a sexy older woman, take on the role that he likes.

    This can be very fun for the both of you.

    I am 25 and my boyfriend is 34.

    He has a thing for girls dressed in uniforms.

    I sometimes do roleplay and pretend to be a bit younger than I am. (He wouldn't actually date a girl of school age, but fantasy is fantasy) It is what gets him aroused.

    Fantasies aren't things guys would necessarily like to come true.

    But at times, it is fun playing those roles out with the one you love.

    You cannot get angry for something that turns him on.

    If he didn't love you, he wouldn't be with you.

    • yeah that's right man :)

    • Thank you. That really helped. He has already mentioned a couple of times he'd like to see me in my work clothes which are office type suits/skirts - very 'hot secretary' kinda stuff so I'll be giving that a go. I guess I worried as it was something I didn't know about someone I thought I knew inside out! Its not like its 'old' women just 'older' so I don't need to go get myself a zimmer frame any time soon! ;-)

    • That's good to hear. Keep those things in mind. Its only a problem if you let it be. I am pretty much going through the same thing, its just a bit reversed, haha. You'll be fine <33

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