What do you look for...

Guys, when looking for a girlfriend, what do you mainly look for?

Personality, brains or looks? Thanks.


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  • Ones that in touch with themsevles fully, never afraid to admit their feelings. They're straight to the point. They're not rude either. Similar intrests are a must, it's easier to get along that way.

    As for Personality, I like girls who don't think themselves as the best, or the prettiest. They're confident but not big headed about it. For brains, I honestly don't care about this one, if they're loving and compassionate who cares how smart they are?

    Now for looks, It's a touchy subject. :/ I would like to meet a girl who I am slightly attracted to, it's basic nature. and I'd hope they'd take care of themselves for themselves. I wouldn't force them to go the Gym, or stop smoking, as long as they knew the dangers and tried and balanced it out.

  • I don't look it just catches me.


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