Ladies: Does a guy walking away from you for something you did, make you want to get him back? How long?

Assume you were seeing a guy you were friends with for years, for a few months. You just had a bad break-up with a boyfriend of 2 years. The new guy asks you to commit when things start getting serious, but you can't because you want to play the field since the break-up hurt you bad and you're afraid of anything serious. Would the guy walking away (who you see pretty frequently given you have a lot of mutual friends who go out a lot) make you rethink things and try to get back together with him? Be honest, would you, have you, could you?

(The something 'you did' part is because you made out with a guy at a bar in front of him, who you apparently started seeing that week - you ran after him apologizing (reason he asked you to commit was this situation, he asked a few days after this)).

Assume you told him you had strong feelings, you wanted to be his girlfriend, you wanted to meet families, you met parts of families, talked all the time (all day really), sex is great, and that you wanted to be together.

Would him walking away make you reconsider being single and want to be with him? What could/would you do? And is there anything he can do?


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  • Women are particularly irrational in this situation. I would not even try to predict her reaction except that be sure it won't be rational. Seriously... I have had a girl who texted me all day trying to make me jealous saying she found an amazing guy that actually treats her right, takes her out to dinner, etc. Then I text her that same night at one am and she still ends up hooking up with me. Anyway moving on, walking away to get her interested is very indirrect. If you are going to walk away, walk away because she is no longer of interest or worthy of you. If you want her, then be honest about it. If she keeps letting you down, then just let her go and move on.

    • She ran up to me at a bar when we haven't been talking asking me why I'm avoiding her and not calling/texting her because she wants me to. We talked/kissed and she asked if id been seeing anyone else (I know she's seeing another kid now) and if it was my ex and if we were getting back (were not but I didn't answer). She looked at the ceiling, glossy eyed, shaking her head. She still likes me but says she wants a "whatever happens, happens" deal right now, and has stated she's still seeing the other kid.

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    • Hahahah, that's boss. That's hysterical. So you think I should give it some time, stay in the picture and just take it from there? And if she continuously lets me down by canceling or whatever then just end it and move on? Makes sense. I mean I think it's worth it, gotta go through cloudy skies before you reach the sunshine right? Pretty sure she's just insanely confused right now. If I stick it out, show her I care and stuff, who knows maybe she'll smarten up.

    • Yes exactly man! Stay in the picture and let her come to her senses.

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  • It would not make me want him more. It might actually make me want him less if he is doing it to get my attention or doing it out of spite. Then I would lose respect for him and I can't date I guy I don't respect.

    • I can see that not wanting him more I guess.. But really? Lose respect? Even if you kissed someone in front of him on a night you two were supposed to meet up, and were feeding him lines the whole time for 3 months like "we're gonna be a couple soon, I want you only, I want to meet your family, you're gonna be my boyfriend, I can't wait to see you (when she just left 45 min ago)." Stuff like that all the time. And then you can't commit, and want to "play the field." You'd lose respect, really?!

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    • Thats how I read it too. Just insanely confused. What would you suggest? Stay in the picture for a bit and see what happens (I think she's worth it, she definitely still has feelings for me, and so do I). Or should I just end it?

    • I was going to ask you a question but you already beat me to it. If you think she is worth it then stay in the picture as long as you think that.

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