What is a break in your opinion?

In my opinion a break was just a way to cheat on the person you are with without really cheating.

What is a break to you?

My boyfriend and I are on a break right now, that he brought on, I've never been on a break before because I think they are stupid. And I don't know what is going on.. We were supposed to live together, sleep together and cuddle, no kissing, or sex. But he had sex with me, got mad at me when I came to bed with my jeans on so we wouldn't and said that it was "my fault." I asked to cuddle this morning and he said it's a "bad idea." I'm in a band and he said he would always come to all of my shows, and he missed one, saying it was due to not being able to afford a day off work but he was taking extra shifts so he could afford it... And now I have one that he can easily get to, no taking time off, it's in town, and he still doesn't want to go. Does it seem like he is just trying to ween himself off of me, or vice versa? I love him with everything I have and that's the only thing keeping me from just leaving and telling him to screw himself.

So, what's a break? Am I thinking wrong on all this relationship hocus?


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  • Breaks can be wonderful but you can't cheat on your partner.. that sort of defeats the whole purpose of going on a break?

    A break is when you go without contact with the other person. No FB, no text, no calling, nothing for a determined amount of time. They you reconnect and discuss whether or not you still want to continue things.

    Sometimes you break up after a break.. sometimes it brings you closer together.

    But neither people should be cheating... Unless you've broken up and some time has passed so the wounds aren't fresh. That's what considerate people do.

    • Well, ee broke up.. this break was because he tried breaking up with me and couldn't handle my panicky reaction... Thanks though.

    • Well that's fine :-) There will be others and you'll move onto something bigger and better. Believe me.

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