Boys, what do you think from your perspective?

me and this guy and went on our first date last night. we met online and we went out to dinner and we wanted to keep it casual so we went to applebees. conversation went well, there were some silences but they didn't last too long, it seemed that we were both nervous and of course this was our first time meeting in person. he was cute, nice, and funny. we were talking about how my dad is a big knicks fan and he said "me and your dad will get along" and he also has so many siblings so I said "i can't believe you have that many siblings" and he said "you'll get used to it" like leaving little hints that there could be a future date. he paid for dinner and then asked if I wanted to do something afterward. so we decided to go to the movies. I paid for the movies because I offered to and he paid for dinner so I thought it was only fair. we were talking and laughing a lot and during the movie he put his arm around me but I didn't put my head on his shoulder or anything and he was rubbing my arm and definitely trying to rub my boob lol. after the movie he walked me to my car and he kinda parked far away so I drove him to his car and he was kinda lingering and it got awkward because I could tell he wanted to kiss me but didn't know how to go about it. he said something in reference to "next time" but didn't flat out ask me to hang out again. then he went in for the kiss and we made out for a little but then I stopped it just because I didn't want it leading to other things on the first date. I told him to text me when he got home and when he did he said "i got home..get home safe" and I said "I'm home, glad you're home safe, I had a good time tonight, thanks again" and he said "yeah me too"

guys, what is your opinion on this? I feel like I didn't show enough interest, but I did let him kiss me and I told him I had a good time. maybe is he just after sex? does he seem interested in me? I know he extended the date but maybe he didn't ask to go back to his house because he has so many siblings and thought maybe he'd get laid in the car after the movie? please tell me your honest opinions..and how many days should it take for him to contact me ughh I'm nervous


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  • He seems interested in you enough. I have 8 siblings so it's not a big deal for me as far as that goes. You do sorta just get used to it. I can't tell exactly what his intentions were but he seems nice enough. Don't wait around for him to contact you long because there's always the chance that he is thinking the same thing or is too nervous or whatever to contact you. Then someone is going to come off as disinterested. I'd give it no more than a day.


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  • it sounds like it went fine and you were fine. he seems a little weird though, insinuating at a longer term relationship than maybe he should on a first date. also feeling you up in a movie theater is totally inappropriate for adults! if he lives at home I'm sure the sibling issue is why he didn't invite you back and also why he tried to feel you up in the movies.

    just see what happens. typically I'd say within 2 days a guy should contact you or otherwise he is a player. if a guy is genuinely interested, he has a million ways of contacting you and will.

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