For those who haven't gone on first dates?

OK, the title is a little weird. What I want to know is how to tell if a girl likes you when you two haven't even gone on a fist date yet, but you're not really friends either. We talk but we don't TALK. I THINK she likes me (unless she's just a natural flirt) and I just want to know if you think so too.

We see each other every week, once a week for at least the semester.

If I'm saying something (whether it's directed to her or not) she'll look to see what I'm saying. I do the same with her.

She laughs at my jokes (even if they weren't mean to be funny).

We smile at each other

She'll wave or say hi first, usually.

She complimented me (indirectly)- I won't go into an explanation though.

The only thing we haven't done yet is break the touching barrier. I haven't really found a reason to yet nor has she.

She got embarrassed when her friend was being sexual with me saying "you don't need to listen to her yada yada".

I've never complimented her (for a couple reasons)

She plays with her jewelry when she sits next to me

So, does she like me (considering we haven't gone on a first date yet)


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  • To get someone to go on a first date with you (without holding them at gun point ...), there has to be some sort of attraction. You're over analyzing this ... looking at everything from the very last detail. I THINK that you need to stop THINKing so hard about this situation. Just approach her and chat. Smile at her too. And flirt with her in a way that makes her know that you've singled her out as special. After you guys chat and what, then you should ask her out and ask for her number and stuff. It does sound like she likes you.

    • Thinking is OK. If we didn't think about this stuff, we would always get turned down. Trust me, I've done this before and got turned down. I just want to make sure I'm doing it "right"

What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like she does, ask her out before a guy with more balls then you does and ends up stealing her fro u.

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