What to do with her here?

So I met this wonderful french girl and we hit it off. She and I have both invited each other to things we do and are talking a bit more now. When she can't make things she says she is dog sitting which I believe and think is true, but its for another guy. So in the early moments of this should I ask her straight if there's another guy she is seeing or just swoon her so good and play it cool so she wants to be with me?


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  • play it cool, ever heard the song break apart her heart?

    "dont tell her she's the reason that you live don't give her everything you got to give, if you wana keep a girl for as long as you live just break apart her heart."

    ever notice how crazy girls are for jerks? don't BE a jerk to her but definitely play it cool. I know you may not necissarily want her for life like the song says but its a good point

    then there's the song by bob dylan, heart of mine

    it says "dont let her know that you love her, don't be a fool don't be blind, heart of mine"

    • good advice but is pushing for more intimate stuff OK like knowing when its right for it? and keep it flirtatious correct?

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