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I've been seeing this guy for 2 months now. I'm really starting to like him. We hang out a lot, we kiss, we call each other babe but he doesn't want to get into a relationship yet. I don't understand what's his reason. I told him that I can't wait around for him for a year for him to decide what he wants. I'm always the one that texts him first and if one days don't he asks me why I disappeared. He claims to always be so busy. What should I do? Is he just not interested in me?


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  • When a guy likes a girl enough to want her to be his girlfriend, and she feels the same, he won't wait around; he'll push her to be his girlfriend. When a guy delays like this, it's because he's never going to want that girl to be his girlfriend, and would rather just be a FWB or whatever. Basically, he's stringing you along.

    I recommend you dump him and find a guy who WANTS you to be his girlfriend. There are plenty of them out there.


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