Is this turning into a fling or more?

so this guy always comes into my work and whenever he saw me he would tell me to come to his store and visit him, when are you coming by?, I can give you discounts etc. this went on for a little over a month and usually I would be too busy to stop by but I finally did and he ended up getting my number and wanting to go out. our first date was amazing but he did try to go further physically (and also asked if id want to get in the backseat with him) but when I said no he apologized and stopped. he did talk about himself a lot and also asked a lot about me. he doesn't really know the area so I felt like I had to show him around. at the end of our date he said he would text me when he gets home so I know he's OK and asked if I wanted to see him again. we texted on and off all week but no calls or long convos just bits and pieces but we do want to hang out again. he's leaving in a few weeks to go back to Europe for a while (hes European) I'm not really sure where he wants this to go or if he just wants sex before he leaves...


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  • Sounds like he just wants hook up with you before he goes back to Europe and it's nothing serious

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