How long do you like to play the field for ladies and gents?

Assume you got out of a bad long relationship and aren't ready for anything serious again just yet. How long do you see people for before its time to get back in a relationship? Say you're seeing two different people at the same time, what helps you to choose one of them over the other and start a relationship? What makes your decision? Key factors?


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  • Once I meet someone I can't be with out. When I have that date and even as it's ending I'm counting down the days till I get to see him again, I know I'm ready. It's all about who I meet and when. That's about it. I just need to find the guy who makes the whole process worth it again. The guy who makes the potential of a broken heart a worthy pain so long as I get a chance to be with him.

    That's when I know I'm ready again. And sometimes it's going to take years, or months, and sometimes it's only going to take weeks. It doesn't make my past relationship any less meaningful, or my future relationship any less meaningful, it's just about when my heart and mind are ready to go through that again. It's about when I can emotionally handle another relationship.

    • That's a GREAT answer thank you. Now if you don't mind my asking: say you are seeing two guys, its been awhile and you're confused about what you really want. You saw one of them for a few months, and really liked him - even told him you see yourself as being his girlfriend, and having a full blown relationship with him - meet the families, whole 9 yards but he lives about 35 min away. Then started seeing another guy too, he's a local, close, and you like him too. Who/when/how do you choose?!

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    • .. day every day before. So my question is.. I am seeing her this weekend. Should I wait for her to text me, or just see her then. Or should I text her tomorrow or something just like "hey, what's new with you?" or something and try to talk to her and open up like we used to again? I hate that we faded. So does she, she told me so. I hate she isn't ready for a relationship and is seeing someone else too, but I get it. I just want things between us like they used to be. How can I go about that?!

    • Yes, text her, put in the effort to let her know you LIKE talking to her and you WANT to talk to her and engage her in conversation (even if just texting) it'll also bring you closer as friends, with is one of the biggest pillars of a solid, lasting relationship. So just text her tomorrow with a little tid bit of something interesting you just did, or double check plans, or ask her how she's been, if she's excited to meet up. That kind of stuff. Don't worry, it'll all work out!

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