What does she means by agreeing?

I asked a girl out for a second date(a picnic) and she did not give me a clear reply. The next day she told me she is already seeing someone else and will only treat me as friend. Later on she tell me she value our friendship and is still willing to go for the picnic with me. What does she means? Is she 'testing' me? Why does she still agree to go picnic with me?


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  • Woah... That's a tricky one. Some chicks are crazy. lol

    I think what happened is, she got into a fight with the guy she's seeing and wants to go on the picnic to make him jealous, or she had plans with the guy but they got canceled so she's going with you now...

    Maybe she realized that she was giving you mixed signals or thought she was ruining the friendship that she values, so she's deciding to go.

    Just talk to her. That's always the best solution. You'll always get an answer that way, even if it's not clear and you have to figure it out yourself.

    • What if she is not seeing any guy? I think she used that excuse to reject me.

  • may be she is testing you...but for some people their opinion about others keep on changing so may be she regret why did she didn't go out on picnic with you...if you like you can go out with her if it does not hurt you self esteem :)


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