Should I contact this guy?? I want to see him tonight

I've slept with this guy a few times - just casual, he is just out of a long relationship so I doubt he wants anything serious, which is fine. 2 weekends ago at a festival we slept together the 1st night but the 2nd night he said he was too tired (and was sober - he's VERY shy), last night I saw him, he was going to come back to a mutual friends house for post-pub drinks but he didn't. I messaged him but he'd gone elsewhere, but he said some spooning would have been nice. He's going traveling next week & I want to see him tonight but I don't want to seem like I am chasing him as that's twice now he's kinda turned me down (though the spooning comment makes it seem like he is still interested). Any advice on what to say? I basically want to invite him to stay here after he's been to the pub.


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  • Give him some space. Sounds like he likes you for more than just sex but needs some time. Don't worry he will come to you.

    • Hmm, what makes you think he might want more? He did make the initial approach, asking for my number, some emails etc but a date never happened - we went the drunk sex route instead, mainly because I'm 99% sure I am just a rebound fling (which is fine for now!).

    • You are saying you want to contact him but don't want to look like you are chasing him. If you are fine being a rebound, then leave it at that and if he wants more, he will come to you.

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