Why does he say he'll call, when he doesn't?

Okay, so, I've been messing with this one guy for a loong time now. Well this Monday, we met in a party and we both were drunk.. one thing led to another and we ended up kissing. I had to leave to show my friend a way to the bus stop, 'cause she didn't know where it was. So, this guy asked my number and promised to call me. Well he called me when I was in bus going home and said "don't save this number, I'll call you from another one later". Well, he hasn't called or contacted any other way and it's been a week now.. Why do guys say things they don't mean? Why did he have to say he'll call if he won't? I understand if he isn't interested and don't want to see, but why did he have to lie?

And should I leave him a message saying that it was stupid to say stuff you don't mean etc.? 'Cause I somehow feel like I would like to let him know how I feel and how he broke my heart, but would it just make me look stupid? 'Cause if he clearly isn't interested shouldn't I just leave him alone and forget?


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  • I don't understand men, but what I do know is: if they wanna do something, they'll do it, and vice versa.

    But, maybe he forgot? It could've slipped his mind. Women have a "gift" to see excuses behind a lof ot behavior , but sometimes the base line just is: he's not that into you (I think that movie ruined me for life). Though it could be that he forgot or he lost your number?

    If I were you, I'd wait for him to contact me. But I'm a stubborn one so...

    When you see or hear him, just talk, act normal, casual, and after a while you could say something about it, not serious or mad, just in a funny way but so he knows you don't like it. I wouldn't start with it though.

    Good luck!