Best looks for prom?

So I'm wearing a long red dress for prom, and would like to know any good hairstyles, and what color jewelry and shoes to wear with it (gold or silver) ? I have medium length dark brown hair (thick) and tan skin, brown eyes. If you could suggest any websites too that would help a lot! Thanks


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  • Best look form prom: cleavage. Lots and lots of soft, bouncy, inviting cleavage. Everyone remembers the girl with the best cleavage at prom.


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  • I'm wearing a red dress too! I'm no makeup expert, but I think a gray/black smokey eye would look very nice with a red dress. I would just YouTube "gray/black smokey eye" to get some pointers, but don't overdo it- a red dress is classic so you don't want you're eyes to look like raccoon eyes. If you don't dig the black, I think a goldeny/brown/bronze eyeshadow look would be super pretty to bring out your eyes. OR if you prefer to keep it simple, then you could do like a "pin-up" look with black liquid eyeliner on the top, big lashes, and maybe some red lips.

    For hair, if you're dress is strapless, you should maybe wear it half down. If I has straps, a pretty, sideswept bun mine look nice, or even a curled sideswept low ponytail. For some ideas, you can look at pinterest and type in downdos/updos or also look on tumblr.