Guys putting x's at the end of last text

This guy who I thought liked me and I like too, started texting me yesterday about classwork and we ended up talking for 4 hours. At the end he was saying goodnight and he put "Xx" at the end of the last text. He never put this in past texts.

I was just wondering is this a sign that he likes me or is it just normal for guys to just put x's when saying goodnight (is it just being polite/friendly?)

thankz guyz.


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  • I almost never use x's and o's at the end of conversations although if I give a hug I would type *hugs* to me x would be him giving you a kiss good night but I would ask him first if that's what he meant.

    so no x's to me isn't normal and yes I think he does like you but I would ask him if the Xx was for and if he says kiss tell him how you felt about it.


What Girls Said 1

  • he probably likes you since xx signifies kisses...but you can ask him