She didn't answer my calls from one week ago, what can I do ?

we know each other from one month ago, I was ask her friends to ask her to hung out with us and she agree, after we finished this night, I offer to drive her to home, than during the way I Have recognized the meeting plot and I invite her to coffee in her off day, she accept my invitation, it was a good day for my and her friend informed me after this day (coffee day)that she is happy and interested for this relation, than we start talk on phone for 3 week, during this 3 week we met 3 times, sometimes I was calling her and she didn’t answer , so I stop talking till she call me after 3 or 4 days (she did it 2 times) than we keep talking everyday, last Thursday we talk on phone, she side I have to go and I will call you at night, she didn’t call me, but I tried to call her Thursday night but she didn’t answer, after 3 days on Monday I try 2 times but no answer, on Tuesday morning I give her one more call she cancel my call, today it’s Friday and I didn’t get any from her also I don’t know why she stop talking and why she didn’t answer, I need an advice quickly,

hi dear, I need your advice again, I was met the girl from 2 days ago in wedding party, I talk with her on general issues, and I offer her to meet each other this week, and suppose that she waiting a call from me, but I can't judge that she interested or not, but I need to fix my image first case I was got some advice from close friends during the days we was meeting ( like make her feel that you need her and be caring about her issues to remember you a lot), now I'm trying to fix the relation


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  • You need to understand boundaries. Think about it. What if someone started calling you 2 times a day, everyday, even when you aren't picking up. How would you feel about that?

    Your kind of behavior implies that you don't have much going on in your life and all you really care about is her. If you space out your encounters, she would be much more interested. Women these days do not like to be smothered - they have their own lives - they are modern women. They have goals in life, ambitions, and the need to feel appreciated and independent.

    She might be interested, but when she saw that all you did was push, she started to back off. When you continued to call over and over again, it confirmed in her mind that you were just taking it too far.

    I'll give you advice right now that you can follow. Don't ever call her again. Let her come to you. If she doesn't, then just let it go. Learn your lesson from this. If she does come back, learn to focus on yourself and space out your encounters. Women like challenges - if you are giving yourself to her when she has done nothing to deserve that kind of attention, she will find you creepy.

    Good luck.

    • thanks pro, I was stopped calling her from last Tuesday till now, but really I need a plan to get it back

    • Wait a month then try calling her once. If she doesn't pick up, leave a message. If she doesn't call back, you have your answer. Move on.