Why has this guy been texting for months but has not asked me out?

So I met this guy in high school 4 years ago, now we have been tecting for a couple of months. He confessed he had a crush on me back in high school, now he says he is interested. When he started texting it would be everyday texts until I asked why he texts everyday because I do not believe in having a guy as a close friend (we all know one ends up falling for the other). He told me fine, I like you and I want to get to know yo. He had tried texting me a while ago but I had a boyfriend, so he reached out to me when he saw on Facebook I was single. Long story short 4 months of texting and he told me to wait for him ease, that he has been busy at work and school but that he wants to date me. I do not know if I should believe him. I have had other guys trying to date me and shut them down because this guy has me curious, I just can't get over the fact that we have texted a lot and this was just a waste of my time. Any advice would help. Thanks! :)

Oh and he was the one who always texted, I recently texted him first a couple of times.


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  • he won't ask you out he's waiting for you to ... and just to let you know guys are not the only ones who have to make the first moves... girls can too


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