Yet another rebound question...

Ok, so I know a typical rebound last anywhere from one to 2 months. But what's the longest you've ever seen one go? And I don't mean one that developed into a real relationship. I mean was still a rebound.


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  • I'm not sure where you would draw the line between "this is still a rebound" versus "this is a real relationship now". Are "real relationships" ones that haven't ended yet? Ones where the people in question actually seem right together?

    I mean, one of my friends got together with a guy pretty shortly after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, and she and the new guy dated for just about a year before finally parting ways. I thought they were weird together in the first place, and was glad when they finally split, but I'm not so sure that their relationship wasn't "real" (they were making all kinds of serious plans - moving in together, marriage, kids, et cetera).


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