Why can't my buddy ever find a girl?

I really don't understand... He always tell me if I know a good girl introduce her to him but I don't see why.

He is a really cool guy. Look wise he's perfect height.. 6'4".. He has a good face with no acne or pimples and he's naturally tan with black hair and green eyes. He weight trains everyday and takes extremely good care of himself and pretty muscular.

He comes from a really good family and both of his parents and his brother is in med school which is where he's heading. he's never even kissed a girl and I think its starting to take a toll. Hell be a sophomore next year..

Some goels give him looks but nothing out of usual, they seem to want to ignore him even though he gives off a good guy vibe and dresses nice. Its almost like they are jealous?

Why? what's wrong with him?

Hes also really cool and fun too be around and makes anyone laugh. Really laid back and overall one of the best friends you could ask for


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  • Why? He's sounds pretty uh (opinion) perfect. Maybe he's just not a good dater. My friend is like that. Or he acts like a brother or friend only vibe. But even still... Kind of jealous you know him lol

    Btw you sound like the perfect wingman.

    • Im not lol. Haven't found anyone lol

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    • Lol.. Ugh.

    • Haha I know frustrating. I do believe he'll find someone. Just be the friend through it all :)

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  • There is something more than appearance interering with his relationships.

    Without knowing him, and without any specific details on how he interacts with women alone, I would bet that he is shy, likely insecure (whether or not it is voiced), and uncomfortable... these traits are generally fairly visible, and may suggest that he is "needy" to some females.

    One question: what type of girls does he tend pursue? What you find at clubs are typically not longterm dating material, just so you're aware. He shouldn't aim for the flirts that hold every mans' heart.

    Whatever it is... there is something that he needs to fix about himself-- blame on "why girls don't like him?" is inaccurate. Perhaps you should speak with him on a relaxed, unintrusive level.

    • He doesn't club. He has a great personality and very easy to get along with. Don't make assumptions.

    • He likes many many different types of girls.

  • He sounds like an awesome guy.

    Maybe he makes girls nervous so they get shy around him and he takes it as disinterest on their behalf?

    Is he shy around girls?

    I understand if he's cool around you but you're a guy. Some guys act different around girls.

    • Not really he talks to everyone in the same tone and everything..

    • I see.

      He could be picky then. Maybe the girls he has met just

      didnt really catch his attention. Is he looking for something serious? He probably wants to make a real connection with someone and he hasn't felt it with anyone. He probably doesn't want to date just any girl.

    • He doesn't have high standards at all, he tells me all the girls he thinks are cute and there's a bunch. Yea he wants something serious

  • He sounds quite awesome in my book. But the fact that he wants you to introduce him to girls makes it sound like he's a tad shy. If so, that's probably the reason he can't get a girl.

    • Hes really not shy at all he just doesn't like to approach because he thinks itll make everything odd and uncomfortable. He's real easy to talk to.. He's says that more jokingly than anything to me.

  • Is this really a "Friend"? Just kidding ;)

    He sounds pretty good, maybe he just has to not worry so much about what people will think. If you don't try you'll never succeed.

  • You don't need to worry about it I think.

    He just haven't met the right girl.

    I always believe that the best thing comes at last:)

  • there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him, how you described him. maybe these girls are just a little intimidated? idk...does he ever try to talk to these girls or does he just wait for them to come to him?

    • He doesn't like to talk to random girls because he thonks its really creeperish and will make her unconfortable.

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    • I see the hipocracy there but that's just a double standard.

    • its very strange because he does sound really great. all I can say is for him to talk to these girls just as friends so it doesn't come off creepy and then move on from there. nothing worng with making more fiends right? if he went to my school he wouldn't be single for very long lol...guess it depends where your at.

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  • he doesn't see them as worth his time, its not a suprise, most women now are not worth a decent guys time, and when they are they expect you to be a billionaire and that's a bit ridiculous.

    • attractive girls I'm mean of course we all discount the thirty or so percent that are trolls

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    • no I'm saying a third or so of females are shrek

    • Oh I see. Gotcha. And yea.

  • He's 6'4 and can't get a girlfriend?! What the hell lmfao

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