What would you do if you were in a relationship but was attracted to someone else?

If you, a guy, were in a happy, but long-distance, relationship and you met someone else who you were extremely attracted to (and you see almost every day), what would you do?

Also, is this normal for people who have been in a relationship for a while? To become interested in someone else? And then it fades? Or is it a bad sign for the future of his/her relationship?


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  • so hey answering your first question, if it happened to me I would rather the girl be honest with me and tell me that she feels attracted to another guy, why? Because it's natural, you barely see this guy in flesh, the other guy you see almost everyday. True it will be hard to accept the end of a relationship but after all a long distance relationship is almost imposible, now I can't tell you about the relationship stuff cause I really don't know. Hope it helps it's a hard desicion after all, but if you don't break up with him remember he will appreciate your honesty.


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