Has the dating site eHarmony ever told you that they couldn't find any personality matches for you?

As it just did to me?


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  • Gee why not? did you requested super hot and rich?

    • haha thanks I just wondered I keep having matches but I think its because I didn't require rich and hot lol

    • yeah but who wants anything less? sheesh.

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  • Nope. But maybe it will work out later on? Plus you can always try some other site. Match.com perhaps?

    • Oh, OK. Maybe I just have a closed-up, sh*tty personality.

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    • Hmm...I guess I answered my own question. Maybe I come off as too cold and selfish.

    • Maybe. Being reserved and untrusting can really shoot you in the foot. Especially since there is no such thing as a relationship that survives such a lack of trust. I think if there's one place to focus on fixing your problem, that's the first place to start.

  • I hope you didn't send them any money.

    • Haha, no actually I wanted to start a preview profile so that I could look up some cute boys. But then it told me that it couldn't find any matches for me. I guess I'm just not good enough.

    • I figure they can match anyone if they're sent $$$ (or ?? etc)

      I guess not

    • I tried to send foreign currency variants such as pounds, yen, euros, but it ended up as question marks)

      IOW if you send them money it would be in their best interest. They lose.

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  • Maybe don't be so picky/specific

  • Try zoosk