Should I go for the 'son of a preacher man'?

Hello, so I recently started helping out at this youth club since the kids are funny and it will look good on my cv. The reverend who runs the youth club, his son is a year or 2 older then myself however is going off to uni later this year. I only recently met him however I find we have a lot in common and he's attractive, is it worth the distance? Also I'm not sure he even feels the same way - he seems to always be close to me, leave his friends to talk to me and 'its fun to annoy me' . Do I go for it?


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  • Only you can decide that...sorry...u know this song?

    • thank you and lol yeah which is why I called my question it :)

    • Awesome song...sad day when she died...

    • agreed!

  • What kind of distance are we talking about? If it's more than 30-40 miles away, I wouldn't do it. Unless you can see each other at least once a week, I don't see how it would work.

    • thank you and its less :)

    • As long as you can see each other often enough, I would say go for it.

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