What are the DO/DON'Ts on a first date?

I went out on a date with a guy from a dating website couple of days ago.

It was great! From the first minute we saw each other we started talking and joking around as if we've known each other forever. We didn't talk online nor texted all that much. Though he did remember the things I said in my profile/texts and messages. (I write to so many guys I sometimes get confused who is who...mostly because I have no real intentions to meet them)

Anyway, the guy is charming, he complemented me a number of times on how pretty my eyes are and how cute I am. (might be a cliche, who knows)

He is a confident guy, good looking and charming AND he kNOWS IT!

I didn't let him buy me a drink...:) We talked for a bit and they he went to get another drink and came back with a glass of what I was drinking.

Bottom part, there was chemistry and I made out with him A LOT! The bar we went to has waterbeds and we were making out on those for hours. I even think we fell asleep at one point (I wasn't wasted, I don't know what happened)

Something that pissed me off is that he walked me home and asked if I was going to invite him in. I said NO and goodnight.

Did I really screw up ? Is he after sex now?

So, we've been texting and we're going out again. He's been showing care in his texts..We're going out again this week. He proposed dinner or a concert or both. I'm not sure yet, trying not to overthink it.

If there is a chemistry, should you restrain yourself and play by the ''rules''?


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  • it sounds like he wanted sex. I would be careful and wait until he asks for a few more dates and is contacting you daily before having sex. unless you don't mind being a hit and run girl.

    from my experience, if a guy is only into it for sex, you won't make it past a few weeks tops. if he makes it past that time and talks to you more and more and all, he is actually into you.

  • No your not wrong or screwed up that just shows your more the. A one night stand