Question of age Difference, When the girl is older. . .

For being 24 I look extremely young. I've been asked out by more 16 year olds than guys my own age. The next group of guys that seem to have any interest are in their late 30's, and that is of NO interest to me.

A few months ago I met this guy who is really laid back, easy to talk to and we seem to have similar interests. Imagine our surprise when I found out he was 18 and he didn't think I was more than 20-21 at the oldest. He had previously been told of my age but thought everyone was joking with him.

Dating has never been a topic that's come up, though others have said he seems interested. I would have never thought I'd consider it but I've been thinking about it lately. Would most guys want to date a girl who is older? Or would that weird them out knowing one has interest in them?


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  • I've dated girls who are up to 5 years older than me. However, that was last year, when I was 23 and she was 28. Generally, when the different is as large as 5 or 6 years and one of the people is only 18, it tends to be really hard to pull off. There is simply so much of a gap in the years between 18 and mid 20's. I don't think that he would be against the idea, but my suggestion would be that *you* be against the idea. Regardless of how young you look, it's hard to imagine your level of responsibility, maturity, and ambition being equivalent to that of an 18 year old.

    • I understand, but I'm sure if the guy was 24 and the girl was 18 opinions would be different

    • Actually, in that case I would be even more against it. Obviously I can't speak for everyone else, though.

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  • Yeah usual 18 year old guy would be proud to have an older girlfriend but it might look bad on your part if you're dating a guy so young

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