How important is breast size?

I knew a guy who actually wouldn't date a girl if her breasts were a B cup or smaller. Is it really THAT important? In your opinion what is a good size for a girl's breasts?


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  • For some guys, breast size is a dealbreaker. In my experience, though, the vast majority of guys appreciate nice boobs, but will evaluate a girl more on her proportionality, overall body figure, and personality far more than just her boobs. I've dated girls with A cups and girls with D cups, and both were extremely attractive in their own individual ways. The ideal size, I think is probably a C. However, like I said, it depends on far more than just boobs.


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  • Depends on the guy, but for me not that important. Really depends on the total package. I have never seen a girl and said, "I could never date that girl, she has such small boobs." Boobs are nice, but I think a nice face is by far a person's best asset.

    • Thank you! It's nice to hear from someone who isn't completely shallow.

    • No prob, I should have said best PHYSICAL asset in my original comment, because there is a lot more to any person than just good looks.

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  • im a C cup, and I always get told there the right size by guys lol so yeah I guess it just a personal oppinion..