When a guy usually texts back suddenly stops?

This guy I like, we've met at least 5 times, probably once a week or once in 2 weeks, and in the time that we don't meet, I text him sometimes, and he always replies and keeps saying to me how amazing and gorgeous and how he loves spending time me. The last time we met it went great and he said he would see me real soon. That was a little over a week ago. I texted him 20 hours ago asking what he was up to and he ignored my text! Its just so unlike him to do, now I'm left all wondering whether or not did something to screw up the last date.. Why would he suddenly stop?


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  • It's only 20 hours. Not answering instantly us not ignoring. You should relax a bit and not overthink it.

    To answer your question what prompts a guy to suddenly stop: I have done that once. Reason: I was interested in her and she told me about f***ing some random guy.

    • Hmmm, I guess. I backtracked as far as I could, I don't think I said anything that would have turned him off. We did get to talking about Premier League football though, and I told him I didn't think we could be friends if he supported Arsenal. It was a joke, I hope he wasn't mad or anything. And he did send me a friend request on Facebook right after, so I really don't know what to think

    • I don't think that joke was the problem.

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  • he's not into you. if he liked you, he would text you first. if you are always texting him first that is a major red flag.