Does anyone know how to meet people after university?

Before you respond with the obvious "duh" suggestions, let me shoot them down:

- : piecey for regular get-togethers

- Gym : expensive and inconvenient if you have a treadmill at home

- Classes: education is not a great investment anymore, unless you pick something hard and boring

- Moving out: way too expensive

- Facebook: not interested in seeing how great everyone else has it.

Any other ideas?


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  • Here are some ideas. You could go to a club with a group of your friends. I'm sure a guy would love to dance with you or at least have a conversation with you! :) You could join a volunteer organization or sports club/activity club. Just find a club that has an activity you enjoy and then hopefully you can meet some new people. Also if you are religious and go to service, then you could meet people there. Also you can meet new people at work especially if you have a job where you interact with customers. I hope this can help and best of luck with meeting new people. Peace and Blessings! Deuces!


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  • Good question, I'd like to know too. Obviously 'fun' activities are a good place to start. Martial arts (the internal ones truly are arts), yoga, zumba, whatever you like really, are all not too pricey, worthwhile and social experiences. Aside from that, I'm a bit stumped. Possibly volunteering in some form too.

  • When you find out, let me know. I've been trying to find singles, and where I work so much, it gets really hard for me to find anyone.


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  • Clubs. People tend to be very accommodating, especially when they've had a little alcohol and loosened up a bit. And despite common mis-conceptions, not everyone who goes to a club is a sex hungry a**hole who's only out looking for sex. Most are just normal people relaxing after a long week.

    Work - obvious I know, but everyone has friends at work, they tend to be where a lot of good friendships /relationships are forged. Yes you might not want to spend all day every day with them - but they'll be people you'll automatically have some common ground with.

    Through old friends/ current friends. They always know other people you don't, through childhood friendships, relationships, family, work, school etc - they're bound to have a shed load of people they'd be willing to introduce you to.

    Just out and about. Be nice and outgoing, and people tend to be nice and outgoing back. I've met people queuing for the cash machine, asking where something is in a shop, waiting at the bus stop, at gigs - there are people to meet everywhere, it's just about ceasing the opportunity to do so.