How do I get him to stop being all over me? -.-

So long story short, me and my best friend started to mess around (if you know what I mean ;) ). But later he got a girlfriend. Now in class he is always having a lot of physical contact with me, some of the things he does seem normal (putting his head on my shoulder), while other moves are inappropriate considering that he has a girlfriend and I'm in the process of getting a boyfriend.

In a way he is scaring off The guy I want to date and I feel very uncomfortable with his actions.

How do I tell him to stop in a way that won't hurt his feelings and won't affect our friendship?


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  • Don;t sit next to him, You have to tell him straight...If you joke around to that level then you should be able tell him even in a joky way, say "move, that explains why my date have been pissed off with me, its because of you, he keeps asking why you are all over me when you got a girl friend, go and touch her up"

    sit next to your female friends and don;t give him a chance to sit next to you because he is killing 2 birds with one stone, hurting his girl and getting rid of your guy, so that's a bit selfish.

    So always be in a hurry to leave or too busy to see him when he shows up and don't give him any hugs.

  • Just be straight up with the kid tell him how you feel


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