Does this sound like he's being honest?

This connection between me and this guy started about 4 years ago at a grocery store were he works. He always stared at me for months, then started talking, but I was trying to get out of a bad relationship and wasn't interested in him. Then after talking more and more I started to like him and asked him out a year later. Thought it was weird he hadn't asked me out, we had a awesome connection and a lot In common. So I asked him and he said he couldn't he had a girlfriend. So I was like OK cool and moved on. We always talked off and on. And a year later which was March of 2011 he asked me out, but then backed out and then 3 months later in June asked me out again and we went out 3 times. Had a great time, no sex, but then he backed out again saying his life was super hectic, he still lived with girlfriend, in her house, but were only room mates and he was saving to move out.. So I was hurt, but moved on again. Now last month almost a year later he asked me out again. I asked him over and over if your ready for a relationship? He knew I wanted one. He said yeah, just gotta take it slow. He said he was moving out in May. So we went out and spent the night together and she kicked him out after he got home. Since he had the money saved and was getting ready to move out anyway, he just stayed with his sister for a few days till he found a place. He rented a room with a couple room mates. And so he moved twice in a week. So we talked on the phone but didn't hang out for a week. Then he invited me over to see his new place. We didn't have sex. Just a visit. Then we went out 2 more times in a week and he stayed over at my house both those times. He works a lot and has his son on his days off and also has a side job one day a week. And I did agree to take it slow. he's just got out of a really bad relationship where she was very smothering and controlling and needs to breath. I have no problem with taking things slow. I think its the only healthy way to do it since he's just getting out of a long term relationship. So he calls me about 3 times a week. Its been 11 days since we spent any real time together. I have seen him at his work and when I walked up he started talking immediately about our relationship, and saying the cooler you are now, the better, I'm just now feeling free and its all sinking in that I am. He said us not being serious now will make it that much better when it does it serious. He seems to feel the need to discuss it a lot. When we are together he always says things like, be patient, and it will grow. And I have been. I told him I want him to feel free and be happy. And I only call him once or twice in a week. He calls more. he's going to take me out to dinner tomorrow night. I feel a real peace about it, that's he's being honest. But sometimes I worry, maybe he's playing me. I think just because I like him so much I really want it to work. So what do you all think?


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  • Sounds to me like you're trying to steal someone. Which hardly puts you in a position to complain about honesty.

    I'd let go of this one. And here's a good strategy: Always and opportunist, never a thief. Only take what's available. Better to be a vulture than a thieving fox.

    • Steal him from who? He had been broken up from her for almost a yr. And had given her his notice he was moving out in May. She had no right to be upset at him staying out all night with me or anyone else. They were a done deal and she couldn't except it and move on! So yeah your confused. Maybe you didn't read my post correctly or all the way through? And I wasn't complaining about honesty, just wondering what others impressions were.

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