Did he not text back because he was mad?

This guy and I have hooked up a couple times - once last weekend and then on Friday - and we've been texting some in between. On Friday he left in the middle of the night because he said his friend was too drunk and he needed to go take care of him (although I wasn't even sure if that was true... it seemed a little weird but maybe I'm just being paranoid). So yesterday I texted him asking if his friend was OK and he said he was. Then when I was going out, I saw him, but I was walking with my friends and just kind of said "hi" as I walked past him. It felt awkward and kind of rude that I didn't stay and talk to him. And because I wanted to hook up with again, I texted him telling him about the party I was at and that he should come if wanted to. But he didn't text me back at all. So is he actually not interested anymore at all? Mad that I kind of blew him off as I walked past him? Or am I reading way too much into all this?


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  • Why don't you text him again saying like "Hi dear, why didn't you reply back, are you cross with me?(Then add whatever extra you wanna tell him)". then see if he replies...

    If he dosent, then maybe, you can try tomorrow... but if he doesn't reply after all, then I'm sure he is not into you, and must have found another pretty girl or something...


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