How do you go about one word text replies?

What do one word text replies mean? and how do yo go about them>

Is there a way to convert it in a joke and get the convo going again? Examples please ==)


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  • If your conversation simply hit a dead end, switch the topic. Say something they're likely to ask about ("My college is infested with moths" is a good example from oOsweet~o~nessOo). Or, you can ask a question that the other person can expand on and you can share in:

    "What was your first pet?"

    "A cat."

    "Cool, what was it's name? I had a goldfish."

    If someone refuses to do their part to keep a conversation going, I call them on it.

    "Are you too busy to chat right now or do you just not feel like talking?"

    People don't like being caught at that sort of thing, so typically they'll fess up, make an excuse to go, or engage in the conversation.

    If I'm feeling really bitchy, I'll return the one-word treatment after I've tried to spark things up and the other person won't go for it. If I get three or four in a row, I'll send back, "Okay." That forces them to make an effort if they want to keep talking right then. If not, then they can text me again later, but I won't initiate a conversation for 24 hours if the last one ends like that.

  • He says: " yep."

    I say: " My college is infested with moths."

    He says: " Lol why?"

    Conversation gets going.

    He says: " Cool."

    I say: " Do you believe in ghost?"

    He says: " No."

    I say: " Why not?"

    Conversation gets going.

    He says: " Okay."

    I say: " Okay. Kk."

    He says: " KKK"

    I say: " Lol, speakin of that - my home state was one of the biggest KKK meeting places."

    He says: " Really?"

    I say: " Yea, if you could have...would you have owned a slave?"

    Convo gets going.

    I know those are weird / different subject matter, but the typical what are you doing today? gets so mundane after like two days. Don't be afraid to throw in some randomness like that, brings more of your personality out.

  • When someone sends, "k" .. it really annoys me especially when they want me to keep the convo going. The only time I send "k" is to tell you I'm done talking. But usually when they do that I'm all like... abcdefghijlmnopqrstuvwxyz... (notice I skipped the k) and I'm all like you've forgotten the other 25 letters in the alphabet which you could've used :)

  • NO!


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  • Don't reply, and move on, try to have some self-respect, it may not seem like a good idea at the time but you'll see later on that it is

    one word reply means they're busy or don't want to talk anymore, why do you want to be a douche and keep pushing it further?