Going out with a girl, but feeling indifferent towards her?

I've been seeing a girl for about 2 months now, just pretty casual dating. I know we both like each other and have fun together whenever we hang out, but lately I've started feeling indifferent towards her. I think she's decent looking and I consider myself a little bit more attractive than the average looking guy. But for some reason I feel that I can find someone better than her. I can usually find something nice to compliment a girl on when she looks good, but have been having trouble to remember complimenting her or finding something unique about her.

since dating her I've also started to think more about some other girls I dated in the past. one especially; we only saw each other for about a month and half and haven't spoken for over a year. also have been thinking of other girls that I'd like to date instead.

Why do I feel this way?


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  • Sounds to me like its just not working out, If you really liked her you wouldn't be able to think about anyone but her

    • I usually do think a lot about a person when I date them if I really like them, but for some reason I find myself not thinking about her much, usually other girls.

  • Because she just doesn't interest you... If you wanted her you wouldn't be able to get her out of your head, move on your wasting her time as well as yours


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