Is he interested or am I wasting my time?

I recently started talking to a guy on Facebook who lost a bunch of weight. He used to try and make conversation with me over MySpace but I was either never at the computer or in the middle of something important.

We talk every day and he kept going on about girls he liked (me included) and he eventually asked me out after I questioned him about it. He gave me the biggest bullsh*t excuse I'd ever heard and then apologized with asking me on a date.

I felt terribly guilty about it and he said I didn't guilty and he would of asked me out eventually but I know for a fact he wouldn't have.

It went really well we laughed and joked and he said he wanted to see me again. We still talk everyday but now it's like he's doing out of habit and obligation. He constantly talks about how much he likes his friends girlfriend and he's even taken her shopping. When I told him I went on a date with someone else I got 20 questions and he quizzed me over why I wouldn't see this person again.

He always talks about how he starts a second date. All I got was 'let's meet here' no ''I'll pick you up and we'll go for a nice meal someplace' (which is how he's told me he acts on a 2nd date)

He always says girls start to go off him and that he likes girls he can't have.

Am I wasting my time on this guy or is he just shy?


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  • Patience baby patience, wait for some more time , any how he will reveal him self by his attitude & behavior.


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