Is it wrong to ask him out again?

I asked him to go hiking with me last Saturday, and yesterday at work he told me he may "hit me up" to have coffee or something the this morning, but apologized today for not answering when I texted last night to confirm. I just texted him to ask if he wanted to have lunch together on Thurs...would that turn him off? Sorry but I lack in dating experience. And when should I expect him to respond, according to those "rules."


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  • If he likes you, he should be thrilled that you want to go on a date with him. He should respond well in advance of the date; if he doesn't do that (or if he cancels on you), toss his phone number and move on.

    • He still hasn't contacted me since last night. I made plans to have lunch with my friend. I don't know how I should act around him now, I guess I'll just treat him like all my other coworkers, as a friend and no special attention. I hope he'll stop pretending he likes me because that's stupid, must be for an ego boost since a lot of guys like me at work, but I'm really sweet and I always say good morning and what not...I also accept their compliments with a thank you. What do you think?

    • There's nothing wrong with being friendly and cordial to him. At least now you know he doesn't have any romantic potential, so you can spend your time and energy on guys who are actually interested in you.

    • Thanks, I think that's's a good idea

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  • Nothing wrong with it go for it..

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