Do you guys know what your own intuitions mean?

Men I get involved with sometimes just hurt me without doing anything wrong. I just feel like I get offended by them after having sex with them, which I am not. Maybe I am, but there is no obvious reason for that.. Any woman feeling that feeling like if their soul was beaten up?

Do you guys know what your own intuitions mean?

Waiting for your comments..


When I wrote guys I meant girls as well :)


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  • You sound so hurt dear. The previous answer's good enough. If I ever said an "I'm sorry" that I truly meant, even if *I* didn't do anything toward you, let this one count and let them keep coming: I'm sorry, and I wish you were no longer hurt.


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  • Sounds like you may have an unhealthy attitude towards either your sexuality, or a man's sexuality. Either way it makes you feel some strong negative emotions. Some possibilities right of the top of my head.

    1.Maybe you have a religious background that make you feel like you have done something wrong.

    2.You might have grown up hearing a bunch of sexist things against men, like we only want women for sex, and that makes you feel used or even violated.

    3,Maybe you have a fear of the man seeing you as a slut, so you think we are judging you.

    4.Maybe a man hurt you badly in the past, and you haven't gotten over it as well as you thought you had.

    5.Maybe you a hormone imbalance of some kind.

    It could be a number of different things, or even a combination of several things. This sounds serious enough that you may want to talk to a professional, and see if there are any techniques that can help you figure out why you feel the way you do.

    What do my intuitions mean? It would depend on what is going on at the time.

    • Proffessionals are way too conservative according to my lifestyle.. I am interested in the depths of myself.. They rather suggest you to sacrifice from the experience to stay mentally calm. My aim is not the eternal salvation of my mind :)) neither safety.. It would be nice to know what my intuitions mean.. In accordance to your answer, I say 1, 2, 3, and 4 is true.

  • Its because your soul is still alive and its feeling the pain of you trying to kill it with doing immoral and wrong things.

    • what happens when you kill your soul? is there any way you can bring it back to life once you kill it?

    • There are three "you" s, one is the instinctive, the other reason, and a third is your spiritual. When you overindulge in one like your instincts (in this case sex), you hurt your higher self. If you could see your higher self, it is like a bright star shinning, but when you do bad stuff, the light dims, and eventually when it is dead, you are nothing but your lower self, similar to a chimpanzee or a monkey. The question is not if you can bring it back but if you are even concerned about such..

    • nope, the question is can I bring it back? can people bring it back?

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