Why would a guy text you good morning then not respond?

Guy sent me a "good morning" text and I replied 2 hours later saying good morning back and asked how he was. He replied 5 hours later saying he was doing well and asked how I was, then I replied asking how his weekend was and he never responded.

He told me he likes me before, we have made out once. Last time we hung out was a week ago and he said he had a really good time-he acted like we were dating last time but he used to text everyday (good morning and everything) but not anymore.

I know guys don't like labels but I don't know where I stand or what he sees me as. Why would he text me that just to not respond?


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  • My experience is that men like to be wanted, I'm sure it made him feel a certain type of way because you didn't text right back, that's why he waited extra long to reply to you. its a game, and if you ask me, you shouldn't play. either he's playing games or he's keeping you as a backup. either way its not mature.

    • Ok thanks, I know he's really busy because he recently moved up in his job and he told me that we needed to hang out more and that he knows he doesn't text as much. He used to text every single day for two months, now he does this kind of thing-which is very confusing.